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Name:18650 1200mAh 3.7V Rechargeable Battery for Medical Device
Model:HZ18650 1200mAh
Battery Pack:Customize

Product Description


Product Introduction:


1. The HZ18650 1200mAh 3.7V li-ion rechargeable battery, can be customized with PCB, wires and connector on all sizes and specs according to customer requirements and combination. 


2. The battery is suitable for electric tool, household appliance (vacuum cleaner, electric floor sweeping machine, emergency lamp, solar lamp, electric toy (racing car, model airplane, electric toy gun) medical instrument, backup power, toy car, searchlight and backup power supply.

Accessories Figure:


Application field of lithium battery:


1. Communication equipment: cordless telephone, mobile phone, interphone

2. Information equipment: notebook, PDA, portable Fax machines, printers

3. Audio and video equipment: digital camera, camcorder, DVD, VCD, MD, CD

4. Various lamps: emergency lamp, solar lamp, searchlight, flashlight

5. Electronic toys: racing car, UAV, remote control vehicle, remote control ship, aircraft model    

6. Electric tools: electric drill, electric plane, electric saw

7. Other uses: electric razor, massager, electric toothbrush, portable terminal equipment


Customize Battery Pack:

We do custom battery, if there's no suitable design for you on our website, just contact us directly to confirm the necessary parameters, we will customize a suitable one for you!

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