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Name:A8 500Wh
Battery energy:500Wh
Load power:Max.550W
Solar power:18V Max. 60W
Inverter:500W pure sine wave

Product Description

A8 Portable Multifunction UPS Power Bank


System Introduction:

A8 portable multifunctional UPS system combined with solar charging, storage and discharge control management as the design foundation, bulti-in high capacity and high performance battery, using the current advanced battery manufacturing process, with multiple safety protection, output energy strong, provide AC voltage output. DC two output mode of different voltage is convenient for different electrical appliances to supply. It is suitable for household power supply, emergency power supply, supporting dangerous rescue, supporting areas lacking power, providing camping or traveling power supply and so on.

Appearance introduced:

1. System state display/System On-off/AC On-off/DC On-off/Two DC 12V Output/Two USB A Output/Two Type-C Output

2. AC Output/Car cigarette lighter/DC output port/Solar charging interface/Auto ignition interface

Electrical parameters:

AC Output voltage: 220VAC 50HZ

Battery: 500Wh

AC Power: Rated 500W, Max:550W Pure sine wave

Car cigarette Output: Max 200W

DC Output: 12V 3A

USB Output: 5V 2.1A

Type-C Output: 5V 2.1A

Car jump starter: 12V 500A

Solar charge: 18V Max.60W


1. Camping tents;

2. RV

3. Business activity

4. Home energy use

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